Windows Phone 8 Apollo Preview Release Date Is June 20th


Windows Phone 8 Apollo Preview Release Date Is June 20th

The time has come for Microsoft to officially announce that Windows Phone 8 Apollo is ready for preview release, which will be unveiled on June 20th, at an official Microsoft event.

Two weeks from now the Redmond-based company will reveal its new mobile operating system, confirming or dismissing all the Windows Phone 8 Apollo rumors that surfaced on the web lately.

We are expecting a platform that will allow Nokia, Microsoft’s biggest partner on the smartphone market, to finally develop a dual-core handset, probably sporting a 720p display. It will be interesting to see what terminals will be showcased along with with the Windows Phone 8 preview and Nokia, HTC and Samsung will certainly be the first companies to demo such smartphones.

Rumor has it that Microsoft’s new operating system will bring support for new terminal models, possibly touch and type smartphones, to go against RIM’s BlackBerry devices. That’s just what RIM doesn’t need, a company that is struggling to survive on a market dominated by Android and iOS.

Finally, learn that on June 20th, in San Francisco you will be able to take “a sneak peek into the future of Windows Phone,” say the official invitation released by Microsoft officials. My guess is that the final version will hit our smartphones sometime in the fall, when Windows Phone will celebrate its 2nd birthday, followed by an avalanche of Windows Phone 8 Apollo terminals in late 2012.

HTC already has a WP smartphone that packs a 16 megapixel camera, thus we are eager to see whether Nokia will integrate the PureView technology into the smartphones underpinned by Microsoft’s mobile platform. Therefore, we might be able to hold a Windows Phone 8 Apollo-powered Nokia PureView smartphone with a 30-40 megapixel camera by the end of the year.

Will Windows Phone 8 Apollo be Nokia’s breath of fresh air? Will Microsoft be able to bite a big chunk of Android’s and iOS’ market share pie? We will be able to answer a few months from now.

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