Microsoft SmartGlass Xbox Integration Announced At E3 2012


Microsoft SmartGlass Xbox Integration Announced At E3 2012

Microsoft came at E3 2012 event in Los Angeles, California with loads of new products and Xbox Music, a sort of re-branded Zune and Xbox SmartGlass service, which integrates the Xbox support and the console’s experience on tablets and smartphones.

This is a buys week for the tech world, as two major tech shows are held simultaneously on two different continents: E3 2012 in North America, a show centered on games and gaming hardware and Computex 2012, in Asia, a tech event were the latest tablet PCs and laptops are launched.

Talking about Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass service, some experts are comparing this product with Apple’s AirPlay or with Nintendo Wii U, but Smart Glass brings a whole different experience. What’s very interesting about this service is that it comes with support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but also for Android and iOS. Therefore, while Sony is fighting on a single battlefield, as they announced PlayStation compatibility with HTC One X, Microsoft conquers more segments with their Xbox SmarGlass.

Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass is a successor of the Xbox Companion applications and it basically transforms your tablet or high-end smartphone into a TV extension.

With Smart Glass you will be able to transform your tablet into, let’s say a controller for your console and you will be able to open games, apps, movies or movies directly from your Xbox 360. You can also browse the web using Internet Explorer in the Xbox version, and Microsoft promised that soon Internet Explorer will come with Kinect integration.

Xbox SmartGlass can also transform your smartphone into a second display for the Xbox experience and, for example, while playing a football simulator you can create an ideal attack tactic on your handheld device, then execute it from the console.

The future of the gaming segment suddenly starts to look a lot more interesting after the E3 2012 announcements!

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