Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Available At Virgin Mobile Australia


Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Available At Virgin Mobile Australia

The people from Australia have the possibility to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3 at Virgin Mobile. Many pre-orders have already been made at other Australian carriers, but Virgin has a great offer and claims that the deliveries will be made within two or three days while other networks said that they would deliver the phone in one week. So, if you have friends who have already pre-ordered Samsung’s new device, you can get it much quicker than them of you purchase it from Virgin Mobile.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is available only in one of the two colors, the Marble White version. In case you want to by the Pebble Blue version, you have to wait a few more days. Both versions have 16GB of internal storage. The 32GB version will be available probably at the end of the month.

The prices of the monthly plans start at $47 and rise depending on what additional options you choose. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a pretty big display of 4.8 inches, but the device is still easy to carry and use. The internal memory of the GS3 can be 62GB, but you can choose to add another 62GB by inserting a microsSD card. What I like about this smartphone is its battery. It sports a 2100mAh battery which allows you to use it for many hours comparing to other phones. Not to mention the new features it includes, features which stunned even the most pretentious critics.

People can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 in 28 countries. Samsung is hopping that their new flagship smartphone will keep the company ahead of Apple. Strategy or not, releasing the Samsung Galaxy S3 before the iPhone 5 is a good move because if customers buy a new smartphone they won’t buy another a few months later when the iPhone 5 will be launched. Of course, there are people who are still faithful to Apple and they will probably wait until October to buy the iPhone 5. I you ask me, I don’t see what Apple can possibly come with in order to beat the Samsung Galaxy S3. The company will probably make the display a little bigger and say that it’s a big breakthrough, but hey, it’s just my opinion.

To conclude, I must say that Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in over 300 networks and retail stores in July. In Australia there are other three major carriers (besides Virgin Mobile) that offer the device meaning Telstra, Vodafone and Optus.

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