iPhone 5 Front Panel Gets Compared To iPhone 4S


iPhone 5 Front Panel Gets Compared To iPhone 4S

We’ve seen cases, design schemes of what it seemed to be the new iPhone 5. The international press constantly speculates abut the design and the technical features of the Apple’s highly-awaited smartphone and today, we finally get to see a comparison between the alleged iPhone 5 front panel and an iPhone 4S terminal.

In the video below you can see the new iPhone 5 front panel overlapped over an iPhone 4S, allowing us to figure out how big the display of the next iOS smartphone will be. Basically, only the height of the terminal will be changed, as the with will remain the same.

Therefore, we can estimate that the iPhone 5 will be about 10 mm taller than the iPhone 4S and the components confirm the rumors that surfaced on the web a month ago. It seems that the device will have a 4-inch display compared with the 3.5-inch panel of the current Apple smartphone model.

Modern smartphones are featuring bigger displays nowadays, but all the iPhone models so far came with 3.5-inch panels. This change will probably be welcomed by most of the Apple fans, as an increase in size will come with an improved browsing experience and more work space.

The rumor mill also speculates about the future technical speculations of the new iPhone 5. It seems that besides a bigger display the next gen iPhone will come with a more powerful processor, as well. My guess is that iPhone 5 will sport the dual-core 1 GHz A5X chipset that underpins the new iPad. It’s in Apple’s habit to equip their smartphones with the chipset of the iPad that is launched before it. Therefore iPhone 4 came with iPad’s A4 chipset, iPhone 4S packed the dual-core A5 CPU of the iPad 2, and, most likely the iPhone 5 will feature the 1 GHz A5X processor of the new iPad.

Apple will probably increase the RAM to 1GB and it was reported that the new iPhone will come with wireless charging, but the latter feature seems pretty unlikely. I am pretty sure that the new iPhone 5 will come with 4G LTE connectivity, supported by the A5X chipset.

As about the iPhone 5 release date, rumor has it that Apple will unveil the device at an event scheduled for October.

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