Microsoft Upgrades SkyDrive For Windows And Mac OS X


Microsoft Upgrades SkyDrive For Windows And Mac OS X

Just one month after SkyDrive was officially launched for Windows and Mac OS X platforms, Microsoft comes to bring important upgrades to their service that allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage and then access them from a Web browser or their local device.

It looks like Microsoft continues to work on their SkyDrive storage in the cloud service for Windows and Mac, as now only one month after the service debuted on Microsoft’s and Apple’s platforms, the Redmond-based company launches new updates for the users.

The official Windows Blog writes that after Microsoft upgraded the SkyDrive application, the desktop user interface for the storage in the cloud service, the image sharing feature was introduced and the number of files that can be stored in the cloud was increased.

Anticipating the launch of the new Windows 8 Release Preview version, Microsoft have added a photo sharing feature to SkyDrive, which allows the users to view photo albums from any device attached to the SkyDrive account, using the image viewing application integrated in the operating system.

The SkyDrive users can now store up to 10 million files on the cloud servers, after the limit was increased from 150,000 files. Another important feature is the photo sharing function we mentioned above, that will now help the users to view their photos on any device connected to the account.

In a response to the critics coming from the Apple Mac OS X users, Microsoft has disabled the SkyDrive icon in dock, when the service is active.

The SkyDrive upgrade also comes with improvements in speed and bug fixes, and the automatic SkyDrive update should be applied to all the users in about a week.

The upgrade packages for the new SkyDrive version are available for automatic download and install on the compatible devices as of today.

Thus, if you are one of the lucky SkyDive users that received Microsoft’s update, please let us know whether the new changes have been applied to your cloud drive in the comments section below.

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