Flipboard Beta For Android Now Available For Download


Flipboard Beta For Android Now Available For Download

We’ve talked about Flipboard before, the news application with a unique user interface. Flipboard is available for iOS for a long time and it also debuted for Android exclusively with the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy S III.

Some smart guys have “stolen” the Flipboard.apk file from the Samsung’s flagship and made it available for download, thus any owner of an Android smartphone was able to install the news app on their device. But the guys at Flipboard went eve further and launched a not so official update, that made their application compatible with more smarphones running on Google’s mobile operating system.

We don’t know whether Samsung signed a partnership deal with Fliboard, with terms specifying that the South Korean company has exclusivity for the app on the Android platform, for a determined time frame. If that’s the case, we would have to wait longer until we see the official Flipboard application in Google Play Store.

But this kind of things can’t stop the developers to launch a test version, compatible with most of the Android smartphones. The beta version of Flipboard for Android devices debuted yesterday, when the 1.8.4-63 version was officially made available for pre-order. Unlike the other versions “stolen” from Samsung Galaxy S III, the Flipboard beta for Android seems to be pretty stable.

But there are a few things that bugged us inside the Fliboard beta version which have let us waiting for too long in some situations. But, as a whole, Fliboard offers a very pleasant experience, comparable with the one the iOS user can enjoy for a long time.

So, do you want to try Flipboard beta? You can either download the application here or you can subscribe here using this link that will redirect you to the Flipboard for Android official web page.

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