Google Augmented Reality Glasses To Go On Sale Next Year


Google Augmented Reality Glasses To Go On Sale Next Year

Google’s augmented reality Project Glass have impressed everyone when they were first announced. The glasses’ functionality is based on a notifications system for smartphones, allowing the user to view and manage the notifications with voice controls, without interacting directly with the phone. Maybe in the near future the Google Project Glass will even replace the gadgets we all are in love with.

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, was recently caught wearing the glasses during a charity event. According to the persons who attended the event said they could actually see the pictures reflecting in Brin’s eyes and that the Google Glasses seem to be very light.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in an interview at The Gavin Newsom Show that the Google Glasses would be launched in 2013, but he didn’t unveiled the exact date. The Google smart glasses would allow the users to see a wide range of information on the lens.

The project developed by Google, almost looking like inspired from the Terminator, is based on the Google Goggles service. The Glasses will display in real time information on the transparent OLED display via 3G or 4G connection. The gadget will also be able to display details about location using the Google Latitude service and helped by the GPS and movement sensor.

Google have recently held the Google+ Photographer conference in San Francisco, where several Google employees were spotted wearing augmented reality glasses. Moreover, the employees shared the pictures and videos taken during the conference via Google Glasses. The augmented reality glasses are tested outside Google, outside the Mountain View campus.

It seems that the gadget will be launched in stores in 2013, and rumors has it the price will be comparable to the one of a smartphone, therefore they will go on sale between $250 – $600.

According to specialists, after the Google Project Glass will hit the market, the manufacturers will start building a wide range of gadgets based on the new technology, from smartphones to tablets featuring transparent displays.

The Google Glasses will also feature a camera capable of taking photos and record videos. You can watch the video of Brin’s interview at The Gavin Newsom Show below.

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