ZTE Athena To Become World’s Thinnest Smartphone


ZTE Athena To Become World’s Thinnest Smartphone

The battle for the world’s thinnest smartphone have become fiercer than ever and the Asian companies are the ones who stay up top. As you probably remember last year’s standards were somewhere between 8 – 9 mm which was pretty decent for high-end smartphones.

Then Motorola launched Droid RAZR with it’s 7.1 mm and now the Asian companies are starting to dominate this segment… the latest example is ZTE Athena, a high-end smartphone that is only 6.2 mm thick.

There are several phone makers trying to develop world’s thinnest smartphone, but once a company announces their device is the thinnest in the world, another one shows up taking its place.

Building an ultra-thin smartphone with powerful technical specifications is not the easiest job in the world. The most recent smartphone that was named the thinnest smartphone in the world is Oppo Finder which was only 6.66 mm thick.

Fujitsu Arrows was the thinnest, before Oppo Finder, then a Huawei smartphone become thinner than Arrows, dropping the standard with less than 0.1 mm. A few days ago the Chinese of Oppo presented a new smartphone that had a waist of only 6.66 mm.

Well, now it’s time for another Chinese phone maker to make an even thinner device. ZTE Athena is 6.2 mm thick and it has now become the world’s slimmest smartphone. My humble opinion is that the smartphone manufacturers will stop building slim smartphones when they will become 5 – 6 mm, else they would become ridiculously ”sharp.”

ZTE Athena was not officially launched yet, but the company’s teaser shows that Oppo Finder will soon become the second thinnest smartphone in the world. There’s only a 0.3 mm difference between the two devices, but it is enough for ZTE to claim the title.

ZTE Athena will pack a 720p display, 64 GB of internal storage and it will be underpinned by Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. As about the smartphone’s CUP, the China-based company chose a Cortex A15 solution.

These are all the ZTE Athena details unveiled so far, but we hope we will be able to return with more info soon. There’s still one question here: what is the next Asian company that will build the next world’s thinnest smartphone?

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