Double-sided transparent touchscreen smartphone presented by NTT DoCoMo


Double-sided transparent touchscreen smartphone presented by NTT DoCoMo

We’ve seen a lot of gadget prototypes lately, mostly trying to show off new display technologies that could make our devices cooler and supposedly easier to use, along with adding more functions to them. And now we have one more concept coming from NTT DoCoMo, co-developed with Fujitsu. This smartphone features a transparent display, which can be used from it’s both sides.

This transparent touchscreen smartphone looks really weird and it doesn’t seem to have much functionality, aside from the fact that it’s touch-sensitive both on the front and the rear.

According to the company, the software reacts differently, based on the side it’s touched from, so you can do more than a regular smartphone allows you to. You can see in the video below that if you only touch the front of the display, the entire rubic cube moves. But if you hold the cube from the device’s backside, you can only rotate a side of the cube. This actually seems interesting, though if you want to use it as a regular smartphone, it might be frustrating that you can see through its display.

The smartphones features a 320×240 2.4-inch QVGA display and it’s only intended to show what this technology can do. NTT DoCoMo admitted that it cannot be used in its current form, but reported that an improved version is in the works, which will make the display brighter, bigger, so it can also be used as a regular one.

In its current form it’s pretty useless, though we might actually see it on shelves in a few years, if they managed to improve it. Watch the video below to see the smartphone in action.

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