Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Is June 20th In Canada, Features 2GB Of RAM


Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Is June 20th In Canada, Features 2GB Of RAM

It’s time for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to head to North America too. Unfortunately for the United States citizens, they won’t be getting Samsung’s device yet as the phone will be released in Canada instead. I think people are interested in the specs more than the release date itself. Two days ago, the GS3 was launched in Europe, but as everybody probably expected, the phone will not have the same specs as the international version.

Samsung has announced that it will release the Japanese version with 2GB of RAM. Well, the Canadian version will be similar to the Japanese version. Of course, the Exynos 4 quad-core processor won’t be sported by the phone released in Canada. Instead, the device will feature a more American style dual-core Snapdragon S4. The reason obviously is because the Exynos 4 does not have support for LTE networks which are available in Canada.

As for the RAM, we know that in the countries without 4G LTE the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 1GB of RAM, and now we are certain that in the countries in which 4G LTE is available, the phone will feature 2GB of RAM (pretty impressive considering that most netbooks don’t feature this kind of memory). The people living in the US are hopping that their GS3 version will have the same specs, but they will probably be disappointed as there is a pretty good chance that the US version of the GS3 will get a dual-core CPU and only 1GB of RAM, though the information has not been officially confirmed yet and Americans can still hope.

To be honest, I think there is not such a huge difference between a quad-core processor and a dual-core, at least the difference is not so noticeable. I’m one of those people who think that putting a quad-core processor on a mobile phone is futile because Android does not need more than 2 cores to properly function. The secret is the RAM which makes the Android world go round. It’s much more important to have more RAM than a quad-core processor. With that in mind, Galaxy S3 with 2G of RAM (even if it has the dual-core CPU) is much better at handling multitasking than the European version of the phone.

As foe the US version, anything is possible. Until, Samsung will announce it, we can’t know for sure what specs it will have.

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