Next-Gen MacBook Pro To Come With NAND Storage, Says Analyst


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It was intensely rumored over the past few weeks that the next generation of MacBook devices will come with a Retina Display, but except for some speculations we have no concrete proofs to make us believe that this change will be implemented by the Cupertnio-based company.

There are a lot of Apple enthusiasts out there looking forward towards the launch of the new Mac computers, which are reportedly featuring Retina Displays and Ivy Bridge chipsets (which were officially announced today), but new rumors come to say that Apple’s next generation of such devices are hiding one more little secret.

A Barclays¬†analyst¬†claims that Apple might use NAND Flash storage drives for the next generation of MacBook Pro, a type of memory that is currently used by the company’s iOS device like iPhone, iPad and iPod.

He also added that Apple would implement the NAND storage both in MacBook Pro computers and MacBook Air units, and the Cupertino giant’s sales on this segment would increase with 1 million units on every fiscal quarter.

The NAND Flash storage is extremely fast, but, unfortunately they are a lot more expensive than the classic Hard Disk Drives, thus the new MacBooks might become even more expensive if Apple decides to introduce the new flash drive as standard.

But if the American company decides to cover the costs of this upgrade, than the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air devices will become a lot more faster and more attractive for the customers that haven’t decided yet to purchase a Mac OS X computer.

Anyway don’t get too enthusiastic about it, because, as I mentioned above, this is an analyst’s estimations, thus Apple might offer the next generation of MacBook computers unchanged in terms of media storage.

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