Windows 8 Release Preview Leaks On The Web Ahead Of The Official Launch


Windows 8 Release Preview Leaks On The Web Ahead Of The Official Launch

Over the past few days the web was busy with downloading Windows 8 Release Preview, which found its way on the Internet via some Chinese forums and sharing websites. Successful installs were already confirmed by the user, and, in case you are wondering, we are talking about the ISO files for the Windows 8 build 8400.

This Windows 8 Release Preview version comes with updated applications, compatible with the Metro user interface. Among them there are apps for news, sport, traveling and many other, and Microsoft have reportedly updated the boot screen and wallpapers for the Windows 8 Release Preview, as well.

A new Aero version is also available with Win 8 RP, which will be ditched once the final Windows 8 version hits the market. Moreover, it seems that the new Windows 8 also brings it’s newest feature, which improves the user’s experience on multi monitors PC setups.

Microsoft officials announced that the Windows 8 Release Preview will be officially launched in the first week of June, thus I can’t understand why some users choose to download the new software from more or less questionable sources, while the official version of the operating system will be available for download for free a week from now.

What you can see here is the Chinese version for Windows 8, but the English version of release will be officially made available officially in early June. Microsoft has scheduled a press conference at Computex on June 6th where we will be able to have a look at the first Windows 8 tablets and the debut of the new OS version.

Talking about Windows 8 tablets the Windows RT manufacturers have complained that they would not be able to sell their slates at a competitive price, due to Microsoft’s high licencing price demands. The Redmond-based company hopes that Windows RT, developed for slates based on ARM chipsets, will help them bite a large slice of the the tablet market share pie.

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