Alleged iPhone 5 Front Panel Scheme Leaked


Alleged iPhone 5 Front Panel Scheme Leaked

Earlier today we’ve seem the first pictures of what it seemed to be the case of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5, a smartphone that might be introduced by Apple sometime this fall. Now it’s time to have a look at the schematic design that will be followed for the front panel of Apple’s next iPhone.

The scheme above is now revealing a possible case, but just the front of the new iPhone 5 and unlike the cases we’ve seen earlier today, it shows us that the FaceTime camera will not be re-positioned above the phone’s speaker, as Apple decided to keep it on one side, like on the previous iPhone models.

The scheme also showed us that the next iPhone 5 will have a bigger display and that the terminal’s body will be taller, but not wider than its predecessor, iPhone 4S, confirming the rumors that hit the web lately.

The design doesn’t let us know more about the new iOS-powered smartphone and unfortunately we haven’t found out something that we didn’t knew about the iPhone 5, the smartphone that Apple may showcase in October.

Even though we are almost half a year away from the official debut of the device, it seems that we are seeing for the first time what we might hold in our hands this fall.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S III was officially launched, the international press have started to talk about Apple’s next product, which has been put to real danger by a magnificent piece of engineering coming from South Korea.

Samsung announced impressive pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S III, as not less than 9 million units have already been booked. It’s a new record and Apple will sure want to get in front of their fierce rivals, now that the Asians managed to overtake the Cupertino-based company and become world’s biggest smartphone vendor.

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 will pack a 3.9-inch display, 1 GB of RAM, 12 megapixel camera and the quad-core Apple A6 chipset. But my experience with Apple’s habits makes me believe that we won’t see a camera greater than 8 megapixels and that the next-gen iPhone will be powered by the A5X dual-core 1 GHz SoC, currently offered along with the new iPad.

Either way, Apple is forced to develop a really “revolutionary” smartphone this time, or else they might lose the battle against Samsung.

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