Apple To Release Their Own 3D Maps Application In iOS 6


Apple To Release Their Own 3D Maps Application In iOS 6

A few weeks ago we’ve heard that Apple is planning to launch a new Maps application in iOS 6, which will use the company’s own mapping system. What then seemed to be just a made up rumor, now seems to be a real feature, as the journalists at BGR got their on the first screenshot of the app and you can enjoy them too, in the gallery below.

The new Maps application in iOS 6 will have a slightly revised user interface, a reminiscent of the iPad’s UI, and it will have a new button called Locate Me that will change its location depending on the way you are using the app.

It seems that Google will have serious troubles with Apple this summer, as the Cupertino-based company is preparing a surprise for the search engine giant, with their own mapping service integrated in iOS 6. We are talking about the so-called iMaps, a service that will debut with 3D graphics along with iOS 6.

Previous reports have indicated that Apple is working on an in-house mapping solution for a while and now it seems that the company came up with viable product, ready for a commercial launch. You can see the navigation bar in the application, which in the final version will be silver (as it’s the iOS standard) instead of blue.

The iPhone version of Maps has a “Me” button similar to the one in Google Maps, but it is placed in the lower right corner. The Apple’s service will include a 3D mapping mode, based on C3 technology, a company acquired by Apple several months ago.

To start the 3D mode in the new Maps app for iOS 6, you will have to “peel” the lower right corner and once you select this mode you will be able to easily switch between 2D maps an 3D maps.

The Cupertin-based company is currently working hard to bring their own 3D mapping service in iOS 6 and I am curious to see whether Apple will offer support for this alleged iMaps on older iOS versions. BGR mentioned that the pictures you can see in the gallery bellow are rather a concept based on what their source seen in Apple labs than real screenshots.

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