The Real Reason Behind Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue Delay


The Real Reason Behind Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue Delay

Samsung Galaxy S3 was supposed to arrive in two body colors, Pearl White and Pebble Blue, the latter one having a dark-blue body case covered by a special finishing. But Samsung Galaxy S III officially hit the stores yesterday, and the Pebble Blue version was no where to bee seen.

We told you a few days ago that the launch of the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 variant will be delayed because the South Korean company discovered a manufacturing fault. Our source said that not less than 600,000 Galaxy S III back lids have been destroyed, but they will soon be replaced by Samsung.

Until now we all hoped that they are just rumors, but Samsung released a statement explaining the apparently inexplicable delays. The Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III model uses a case that has a new color which is covered by a special hyper-glaze material, meant to give it some extra glow.

The delay was caused by some issues discovered during internal testing sessions, by the Samsung engineers, who questioned the quality of the new materials. According to company’s official this issue will soon be fixed and the blue Galaxy S3 model will be ready for debut in at most two or three weeks. received a piece of information from an anonymous source inside Samsung, saying that the delay was caused be a problem that occurred at the back lid manufacturing process. Apparently the colors of the two Samsung Galaxy S3 halves do not match.

Unfortunately, Samsung discovered the fault after all the units were shipped towards the retail stores all over the world. The South Korean company acted quickly, so now it will have to replace the back lid with a new one, matching with the front of the device.

Even so, it looks like the South Korea-based phone maker took the time to manufacture enough Pearl White Samsung Galaxy S3 models to fulfill the market demand. Fortunately, the problems of the Pebble Blue back lid will be solved soon, and after two or three weeks everything will return to normal.

What will happen with the customers that pre-ordered a Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3? We don’t know yet, but they will probably have to choose between receiving the Pebble Blue model when it becomes available or get their hands on the Pearl White version right now.

As you probably know Samsung Galaxy S3 was introduced on May 3rd at Samsung Unpacked event in London. It packs an impressive quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 Quad chipset, faster than anything on market so far, 1 GB of RAM, 16/32/64 GB of internal storage and a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display with 720p resolution. The Samsung flagship device also comes with 50 GB of Dropbox storage for two years.

The 8 megapixel camera mounted on the back comes with autofocus, LED flash, support for full HD 1080p video recording and a feature that allows the user to take stills while recording an HD video. Galaxy S III comes with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and loads of impressive features like S-Voice, S-Beam, Smart Stay, Direct Call or Pop up Play.

Samsung Galaxy S III is the official phone of the London Olympic Games 2012 and the South Korean company already announced record pre-orders of over 9 million units.

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