Peter Carl Fabergé Is Celebrated With A Google Doodle


Peter Carl Fabergé Is Celebrated With A Google Doodle

Peter Carl Fabergé, the Russian jeweler who created the famous Easter eggs now named after him, is celebrated by Google with a doodle. Today we are celebrating Fabergé’s 166th birthday.

Therefore, the letters of the Google logo have been replaced with Fabergé eggs, the first letter “G” and the final letter “e” getting out of these marvelous jewelries.

Peter Carl Fabergé (Mai 18th 1849, Sankt Petersburg – September 24th 1920), also known as Karl Gustavovici Fabergé, was a Russian jeweler, famous for the eggs that now are named after him, jewelries made using precious stones and metals, which were initially created to be offered as Easter gifts.

His father was also a jeweler, and Peter Carl Fabergé have taken over his business, after he passed away.

In 1885, Alexandru al III-lea, Tsar of Russia asked Fabergé to make an Easter egg to offer it to his wife, Empress Maria, and this is how the first Fabergé egg saw the light of day.

The Fabergé eggs are a symbol of luxury and aristocracy and they are created out of precious metals, decorated with precious stone. The Fabergé eggs were created between 1885 and 1917 by the Fabergé House. Most of them were miniatures that were offered by the Tsars to their wives who often wore them as neck jewels.

Today, Google have changed their logo to celebrate the 166th birthday of the creator of the famous Fabergé eggs, Peter Carl Fabergé.

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