Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Update For Verizon Galaxy Nexus To Roll Out Soon


Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Update For Verizon Galaxy Nexus To Roll Out Soon

Two months have passed since the international version of the Galaxy Nexus has been updated with a new software. The operating system of the phone was updated from Android 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 at the end of march. Sadly for Verizon customers, the people who have the Galaxy Nexus LTE device did not receive the new software when the international version did. Well, it looks like the waiting will come to an end as the modifications that will be made already appeared on the internet.

The thing is that is normal for the update to come a little later because while the GSM version of the phone is sold and supported directly by Google, Verizon’s edition of the smartphone needs a little more testing by the carrier, hence the longer wait.

Some of the modifications and enhancements of Android 4.0.4 have been spotted by Droid Life. The features are included in Verizon PDF document which normally proceeds the software update pushed by the operator. If we put the fact together, we think that the Galaxy Nexus LTE will be updated very soon, possibly this week. These are the improvements that Android 4.0.4 will come:

Email, Messaging & Data: when the size is set to large the emails will be properly displayed; if you want to send a multimedia message ton an Outlook email address, the extension of the file will be sent, enabling the recipient to properly open an image; when you delete the emails on the Galaxy Nexus LTE, they will be erased from the desktop too; you will be able to send SMSs without having any network connectivity problems.

Applications: when you open a Calendar reminder or appointment and you have other notes associated with it, you will have the possibility to view all the associated notes; the Calendar application now features a down arrow which allows you to expand the calendar message body in order to view the whole message.

Device Features: you are allowed to use the Power Control widget to turn on the Wi-Fi; the updates are meant to avoid the screen from becoming unresponsive or freeze; you will be able to make calls without any kind of rough audio or other noises; you won’t experience any errors while accessing automated systems like the Voicemail.

People who own the a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus have also notices some Android enhancements, a major improvement being a faster screen rotation. When version 4.0.4 was released, Google claimed that the performance of the device’s shooter was also enhanced. This is actually true as the owners say that the photo’s taken with Android 4.0.4 are better.

Verizon should try to push the Android updates faster because the customers can get very frustrated. When an operating system is released, the last Galaxy Nexus which gets it is the Verizon model. The carrier should do something about it.

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