Google And Samsung Release Chromebook And Chromebox


Google And Samsung Release Chromebook And Chromebox

Yesterday, Google along with its partner, Samsung launched their new devices called Chromebook and Chromebox which are meant especially for corporate customers.

The Chromebook is similar to all other 12.1-inch budget laptops. On the other hand, the Chromebox is a miniature PC which can be connected to any keyboard, monitor, and mouse, just like in case of Mac Mini from Apple. As for the prices, the Chromebook starts at $449 while the price of the Chromebox begins at $329.

Both devices sport Intel Core CPUs and have 4GB of RAM, Display Port, dual band Wi-Fi, USB ports, and gigabit ethernet. Besides these specs, the Chromebox also includes Bluetooth and DVI output too. In case you are willing to pay $529 for a Chromebook you will get it with an integrated 3G modem. Both of them are very nice devices, really.

According to Google, eight new upgrades of Chrome OS have been released in the past year and now the devices have 2.5x increase in speed and the boot times are also quicker. The browsing is much faster as well along with responsiveness. Here are the most important improvements if the OS: it has multi-window support; it features an application launcher and the option that allows you to pin your favorite or most used apps to the launchbar; the backgrounds are now customizable; it has a feature that allows you to view office files both online and offline and it has support for many file formats; it has support for Google Drive and the nest version of Google OS the option to sync with other devices connected to Google Drive will be available; Google Docs offline will be available in a few weeks; it include a new media player and an integrated photo editor.

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