Facebook Phone Is On The Company’s Worktable


Facebook Phone Is On The Company’s Worktable

More and more reports seem to confirm a Facebook phone, as the social network giant wants to consolidate its position on the smartphone market. The most popular Facebook product for the handheld market is the Facebook app available in Apple Store, Google Play, WP Marketplace and other such app stores available for various platforms.

A New York Times article indicates that Facebook is planning to develop their own smartphone which might hit the market by the end of the year.

Zuckerberg’s company is working hard to create a solid team of engineers responsible for developing a Facebook smartphone. The team, currently called Buffy, already has 6-7 former Apple engineers who  worked on the iPhone, plus a former engineer of the Cupertino giant who worked exclusively on the development of iPad. You might like to hear that the aforementioned former Apple engineers have worked both on software and hardware development programs, having enough experience to create a magical Facebook phone.

A Facebook employee said for New York times that “Mark [Zukerberg] is worried that if he doesn’t create a mobile phone in the near future that Facebook will simply become an app on other mobile platforms.”

This new piece of information is somehow completing a moth old rumor saying that Facebook and HTC signed a new partnership deal. Apparently, the collaboration between the two companies is centered on the development of a new smartphone running on Facebook’s mobile platform, based on Android.

Although there were previous Facebook phone attempts, this new creation might be the product that would help the social network become an important player on the smartphone market, courtesy of the new engineers team that will get involved both on the software and hardware development of the device.

Without a team with solid knowledge in the smartphone area, Facebook would have no chance, but after Zuckerberg fixed this problem by hiring some experienced Apple engineers, his company is now a real threat for the established phone makers. The social network giant’s engineers will team-up with a smartphone maker like HTC to shape, style and inner workings of a Facebook phone.

Although many times the rumors are just rumors, Facebook’s interest for mobile applications and the recent rumors saying that the company plans to acquire Opera, seem to be the beginning of a new mobile platform.

Amazon’s success on the tablet market, after the online retailer built an entire ecosystem around its Kindle Fire tablet underpinned by Google’s Android, somehow confirms that a Facebook smartphone would really be able to become a popular product.

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