Samsung Music Hub Debuts In Europe With 100GB Of Storage And Unlimited Streaming


Samsung Music Hub Debuts In Europe With 100GB Of Storage And Unlimited Streaming

For some time, Samsung has been eager to enter the music market and now it’s official, Music Hub will be launched along with the Galaxy S 3 firstly in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany. The South Korean company has offers a great service as Music Hub includes both streaming (from 7 Digital’s catalog of 19 million) and also recommendations, and a 100GB iTunes Match-esque cloud service. In case you want to opt for the premium features, which include streaming from the catalog with absolutely no restrictions and the possibility to store your library online, you will have to pay around $16. On the other hand, the free option allows you to listen to purchased / matched tracks anyplace (from the web interface or your smartphone).

Now lets talk about some of the important features included in Music Hub. Scan & Match Cloud Locker is a function that allows you to upload all your music to the cloud in order to be able to listen to it anywhere you are. The scan & match technology can considerably decrease upload time and also has the power to offer HQ playback. In case there are unmatched tracks, they are uploaded from your library, thus you will be able to play personal recordings (for the unmatched tracks you have a storage space of 100 GB). This feature is very useful because every time you purchase new music or edit your playlists, the entire collection will be automatically updated on all devices that are authorized.

The Radio feature enables you to listen to the songs you love with programmed stations which you can create yourself and which will consist of only your favorite artists and songs. You can also browse genre stations recommended by Music Hub. In case you hear  certain song and want to listen to it late on, you can just tag it in order to be able to find it afterwards,

Music Hub offers several millions of songs in the catalog which you get full access of. You can play them all as long as you want with no ads whatsoever. You have the opportunity to discover new songs, to create various playlists, share music with other people, and also find lyrics and album information.

Music Hub is meant especially for the devices produced by Samsung. You can save storage space by using the download and advanced streaming options. You can listen to your favorite music when offline and save cellular data. The audio settings of Music Hub are developed to extend the life of your device’s battery and guarantee smooth streaming even if the network coverage is not so great.

Besides the mobile application, you can access your music library and the Music Hub catalog by visiting the official website. Th Web Player can be used on any personal computer.

You should bear in mind that you first have to register on a Galaxy S 3 device using a Samsung account.

Samsung has great plans for its new Music Hub and it will be a feature included on all the phones the company will produce in the feature. Plus, we should expect that Music Hub to be a standard feature on other devices such as Smart TVs and even Fridges. Also, music Hub could be a service that might appear on other mobile devices as well, not just the one manufactured by Samsung.

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