Apple iTV Production Begins At Foxconn


Apple iTV Production Begins At Foxconn

The Chinese IT&C equipment manufacturer, Foxconn, which has a partnership deal with Apple, have begun the iTV production, the first multimedia TVs of the Cupertino giant. According to sources quoted by Techspot, the unofficially dubbed Apple TV or iTV, will be manufactured at Fuji Kang Longhua factory in Shenzhen.

One of Foxconn chiefs have confirmed off the record for a Chinese publication that the iTV production have begun. The Foxconn officials have denied the rumor, but, according to analysts, it’s in the Chinese manufacturer’s habit to dismiss any information regarding the launch of new products.

Rumor has it that the first Apple iTV will be launched in Q3 2012, with sizes between 32 – 55 inch, with a price range between $1500 and $200.

Jefferies & Company analyst, Peter Misek, one of the most famous specialists on the US IT&C market, said that the iTV production would begin in May or June and the first Apple smart TVs will hit the market sometime in Q4 2012.

It seems that Apple initially wanted to launch their new TV in June, but Sharp, the supplier of the IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) displays had manufacturing problems. Sharp will manufacture the 32.46 and 55-inch displays for Apple iTV.

The Apple’s offer will include the TV itself an the new software version of the Apple TV package, built around the Siri, an app currently available on the company’s iPhone 4S.

Basically, once the Siri module is integrated in the TV set, the user won’t need a remote control. Thus they will be able to change the channel, set the brightness, sound or colors using only his voice. You would also be able to record movies, TV shows or any other favorite production and store them in the cloud.

The rumors regarding the preparation of Apple iTV are backed up by the statements of Walter Isaacson, the writer of Steve Job’s biography, who said last year, that the late Apple CEO focused his efforts on the development of a technology that would allow his company to revolutionize the television standards.

As well the new iTV will integrate it’s own media products created by user, thus we might witness the debut of a Youtube-ish video channel for Apple TVs. The iTV may also integrate support for games, web browsing and, of course, social networking.

The first Apple TV console was launched in 2006, and a couple of months ago the Cupertino-based company brought a significant upgrade which brought full HD support and a lot more improvements, from the operating system to media content (movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, etc.).

With the new iTV, Apple will have to withstand a heavy competition on the multimedia market. Samsung and LG have developed their own software platforms which are already available on the last-gen TVs. Samsung’s and LG’s smart TVs are allowing the user to download and access various apps from the Internet.

Google is also working on the new generation of their TV platform. The new Google TV will be based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, coming with a simple and attractive interface, like the one integrated on the gadgets running on the same operating system.

Besides the Logitech and Sony keyboards, the Google TV users will be able to control the multimedia experience with their Android smartphone.

Google TV will come with a wide range of products, from HD classic TV channels, to internet browsing, games and media streaming. Thus, while watching a movie you will be able to search on Google, see the weather forecast or read the latest sport news, book tickets to a show or buys something online and chat with friends, all on the TV’s display.

According analysts iTV and Google TV might have an impact similar to iPad’s impact on the PC market. The multimedia content (web, TV, social media, gaming, etc.) will basically force all other TV manufacturers to launch Internet-enabled machines.

On the other hand, they could also change the Internet itself, as the web sites will have to adapt their layout for smart TVs.

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