Facebook Hires Apple Engineers To Build Its Own Smartphone


Facebook Hires Apple Engineers To Build Its Own Smartphone

Facebook has big plans for its future. After we told you in a previous article that the social media giant plans to acquire Opera and launch its own browser, some other rumors say that the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg aims to penetrate the smartphone market with a device developed in-house.

For this task Facebook reportedly got in touch with former Apple engineers, who are supposed to help the company create its own smartphone.

The rumors about a Facebook phone have circled around for a while, but now the seem to have valid grounds: the social network officials have contacted more than six former Apple engineers that participated to iPhone and iPad development program.

After a couple of failed attempts of developing a smartphone prototype, Facebook decided it’s time to hire some specialists to do this job, to allow the social network to compete against giants like Google and Apple, writes TheNextWeb.

According to New York Times, Facebook employees confirmed that the company is working on a project called “Buffy” as we speak, which got involved more than half a dozen of former Apple hardware engineers that worked on the famous iPhone.

There’s also an engineer that contributed to iPad development, thus Facebook phone is on the right hands. It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is worried that if his team doesn’t hurry and create a phone, Facebook would become a simple application for mobile platforms and nothing more.

Last month DigiTimes reported that Facebook and HTC have teamed-up to develop a new Android smartphone, with a platform created exclusively for Facebook.

It seems that this project is still up and running and if I’m not wrong, it would be Facebook’s third attempt to create a smartphone, after the company figured out it can’t find the ideal hardware combination without a trusted partner.

Well, since Amazon managed to build their own terminal, which was a real sales hit, why wouldn’t Facebook be able to follow the retailer’s example? Anyway, the resources are the last thing Facebook should worry about.

So far, Facebook’s presence on the smartphone market was felt via some shy applications and a couple of smartphones, developed with HTC, which had a Facebook-dedicated button.

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