Asus Teases ‘Next Transformations’ For Computex 2012


Asus Teases ‘Next Transformations’ For Computex 2012

Asus have started the week with an interesting teaser for a mysterious product that it’s promoted with the motto: “Next Transformations.”

My guess is that we’re talking about a new tablet of the Transformer line-up, a slate that will be officially showecased at Computex 2012 on June 4th.

On May 31st we will be able to have a look at a new teaser, maybe one or two extra details, because, for the time being, we can’t say we have a clue about Asus’ mysterious product.

It might as well be an upgraded version of the Asus Infinity Pad, or maybe the global lauch of PadFone. Or is it Asus going to unveil a PadFone 4G LTE? To be honest, I was impressed by the smartphone – tablet hybrid and it’s a shame that its debut was affected by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 shipping issues.

Returning to the teaser video of Asus’ Next Transformation, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Google Nexus tablet. The rumor mill have tipped Asus as the manufacturer of Google’s affordable tablet, which might pack a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset, 7-inch display and Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, all these for a mere $150.

But Google’s tablet can’t be the Next Tranformation… unless the product is called Asus Transformer Nexus!

Anyway, since Asus Transformer Pad Infinity haven’t hit the stores yet, we might see a market debut at Computext 2012 event. This would be the least surprising scenario, but still good news, as we are talking about a tablet that comes with a 1,920 x 1,200 pixels display and quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, plus a revolutionary display that solved all Prime’s bugs.

We will return with more details on May 31st, but, until then, go ahead and take a closer look at “The Incredible Transformations” Asus teaser for Computex 2012, then let us know what do you think the Taiwan-based company will showcase at Computex 2012.

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