Facebook To Buy Opera, Planning Its Own Web Browser?


Facebook To Buy Opera, Planning Its Own Web Browser?

The shopping mania it’s in Facebook’s blood: after the social media giant have acquired Instagram for $1 billion and after the company added Lightbox, Karma, Tagtile and Glancee in their portfolio, it seems that Zuckerberg is after a new company.

Rumor has it that Facebook is on the verge of buying Opera Software, then the desktop and mobile versions of the popular web browser would become the foundation for the first Facebook browser, developed for the fans of the social network.

Facebook browser would include plugin components and Facebook menus, that will integrate elements specific for the social network into the web browsing sessions, like sharing web pages on Facebook, picture sharing and commenting on various pages.

Apparently, the final goal of this deal is to transform the Facebook from a simple web site to a web experience, where the social network’s features can be accessed all the time, no mater what website you are heading to.

The Facebook’s popularity combined with the experience offered by Opera Mobile, would result into a web browser that might have millions of adepts among the 900 million users of the Zuckerberg’s social network.

Moreover, Opera recently announced they signed a partnership deal with Yandex, a Russian search engine, in order to develop an online payment system.

Opera’s market value is way above Instagram’s, thus if Facebook officials decide to acquire the web browser market they would have to pay a lot more than they payed for the photo sharing program.

But what would Facebook do with Opera? Facebook might have learned from the success Google had with their web browser, after Chrome become world’s most popular web browser, overtaking Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. With their own web browser set with Facebook as home page, would make the social network grow even more, making it more popular in countries like Brazil and India, where Orkut is spread wider.

On the other hand, Opera Mini would become an integral part of an operating system centered on Facebook, as Mark Zuckerberg himself admitted that future is in the hands of mobile devices.

Once it will launch their own web browser, Facebook could be able to cut Google’s share on two battlefields: on social networking segment, where Google owns Plus, and on web browsing segment, dominated by the search engine giant’s Chrome.

Until now, Google Plus was making small steps up the social networking ladder, but a browser developed by Facebook would make things more complicated, forcing Google to adopt even more aggressive marketing strategies, like integrating Google+ functions with the mobile version of Chrome browser.

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