Nokia PureLambda Running On Windows Phone 8 Apollo Spotted In Benchmark Test Listings


Nokia PureLambda Running On Windows Phone 8 Apollo Spotted In Benchmark Test Listings

The first leaks picturing mobile terminals running on Windows Phone 8 Apollo have started to hit the web and, as we all expected, Nokia is one of the first phone makers to develop smartphones powered by the new OS.

Today we get to see a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone, spotted in the results of a benchmark test (WP Bench), which somehow confirms the existence of the aforementioned terminal.

A lucky user who run the benchmarking app on his Nokia Lumia 800 noticed a mysterious Nokia smartphone listed among the tested models, screencaputerd the finding and sent it to My Nokia Blog. The smartphone was listed as Nokia PureLambda, a name that makes us thing that it features PureView technology, confirmed by the Finnish company for their upcoming Windows Phone models.

The Nokia PureLambda spotted was running on Windows  8.0.9842 and a few more codenames like Nokia Phi, PurePhi and Alpha were discovered among the listed devices.

PureLambda might just be a simple code name for the testing units of the smartphones already available on market, but it might as well be a completely new device. Moreover, since Windows Phone 8 Apollo will be rather available on new devices than as an update for existing models, the chances of PureLambda being the test version of an already-launched smartphone are pretty low.

I am very curious to see whether the PureView technology integrated on Nokia’s Windows Phone smartphones will keep the 41 megapixel camera or it will come with a “modest” unit of only 20 megapixels.

There were voices saying that Nokia would not be able to overpass their financial problems, but it looks like the partnership deal the Finns singed with Microsoft might be what the company needs to reborn from its own ashes.

Nokia unveiled the first smartphones running on Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710, in October 2011 at Nokia World event. The flagship of the Lumia line-up, Nokia Lumi 900, was unveiled at CES 2012, in January, developed for the US market and featuring 4G LTE support. Due to aggressive marketing campaigns for Lumia 900, hundreds of smartphone enthusiasts have formed huge lines in front of the AT&T stores in order to get their hands on the $99 device.

The global version of Nokia Lumia 900 was introduced at Mobile World Congress 2012 event in Barcelona, along with a low-cost Windows Phone model created for the emergent markets, Lumia 610.

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