Internet Explorer For Windows 8 To Ship With Adobe Flash


Internet Explorer For Windows 8 To Ship With Adobe Flash

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 will integrate Adobe Flash out of the box in the Metro version, because this version blocks both extension or plugin installations.

After the Windows 8′s Metro-style Internet Explorer 10 have been criticized, as it initially came without Adobe Flash support, Microsoft got the wheel and tried to correct this issue, teaming-up with Adobe to integrate all the required components in the next version, Windows 8 Release Preview, expected to drop in June.

Because there will be two versions of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8, the desktop one and the Metro-style browser (without extensions support), Microsoft decided to ship their web browser with Adobe Flash in the Metro version, available for websites like YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo, writes ArsTechnica.

Apparently, by integrating the Adobe Flash plugin-in with Metro and non-Metro Internet Explorer 10 versions, Microsoft broke their own rules, as the Redmond giant announced that the Metro-style web browser won’t come with support for plug-in components.

But since Microsoft is working closely with Adobe, this move allowed the two companies to integrate the source code responsible with Flash technology in the Internet Explorer 10 heart, thus the user won’t have to install a different plug-in. According to Microsoft, this is the best way to reach their security, performance and compatibly goals they set for Windows 8.

The somewhat surprising decision comes after years when Microsoft claimed that the future is in the hands of HTML 5. Contrary to the company’s prediction, a lot of video content is still distributed on the web using Adobe Flash, forcing Microsoft to add support for the multimedia platform in their browser.

Adobe adopted Microsoft Secure Developement Lifecycle strategy for Flash Player, and Microsoft has the last word when it comes to the code used by Adobe, as they are planning to eliminate any vulnerability and to reduce the battery consumption on the devices equipped with touch screen. Thus, the security updates for Adobe will be rolled out as IE 10 patches.

There’s no doubt that the Adobe Flash support will considerably improve the way the users are looking at the Metro-style Internet Explorer 10, taking away their doubts regarding the browser’s compatibility with various forms of multimedia content delivered on the web.

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