Yahoo Unveils Their Own Web Browser, Axis


Yahoo Unveils Their Own Web Browser, Axis

A few hours ago Yahoo announced the launch of their own web browser, dubbed Axis and available on iPad and iPhone. Yahoo Axis also has plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Yahoo’s Axis aims to eliminate one of the steps of the standard web searching. Usually you are typing a search query, see the results and access the web page you want. Well, Axis wants to help its users to jump from typing the search term to accessing the web site, jumping over the link surfing step. This doesn’t mean you will no longer be able to choose from the links in search results, but that the efficiency of the way you end up on the web page have increased.

The guys at CENT have already tested Yahoo’s web browser and they said that it is working well and that it has the looks of an aggressive product, which will help Yahoo get out of the shadow of the other big companies.

The famous Yahoo company, was one of the most successful in the online climate for years in a row. Now with an uncertain future ahead of it, the US-based company is struggling to stay relevant on this market segment.

Even so, Yahoo’s search engine is still generating over $1 billion in revenue per year. You should know that Axis blocks the ads, and the search results will be displayed as an horizontal arrangement of thumbnails for web pages. Basically, what Yahoo did was to integrate the search results in to the web experienced in order to make it look better. Of course, the ads will soon arrive on Axis, but only if the product is successful enough to get a commercial release.

Will Axis become new Chrome? Yahoo hoes that Axis will become a successful web browser, and the 700 million people using Yahoo’s services are a huge market to advertise a new product on. What’s even more important is that Yahoo has Apple’s support, which might help Axis grow…

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