Over 500 Million Windows 8 Devices Will Be Shipped In 2013, Says Microsoft


Over 500 Million Windows 8 Devices Will Be Shipped In 2013, Says Microsoft

In a presentation hosted by Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer, he unveiled the company’s sale figures previsions for Windows 8 for the 2013.

The Microsoft CEO announced that the company’s analysts are estimating that more than 350 million PC systems equipped with Windows 7 will be shipped until the end of this year. Steve Ballmer also unveiled the predictions for its successor, Windows 8.

Microsoft plans to launch the new version of their operating system before 2012 ends and it is estimated that up to 500 million persons will use a PC or tablet running on Windows 8 in the first year after the platform hits the market.

In his speech, Ballmer also talked about “the rebirth of Microsoft Windows,” in a world where the tablet PCs and other mobile devices are threatening the popularity of desktop PCs and traditional laptops.

With the same occasion, Microsoft CEO also unveiled that a Skype client for Windows 8 is on the work table and that it might be introduced in the Windows 8 Release Preview edition, expected to debut in early June.

As about the new cloud computing industry, Ballmer estimates that in a few years there will be only a couple of companies left to dominate the whole segment – and Microsoft will definitely be one of them. The next step is that the software developers will focus their efforts on these platforms, divided depending on the ecosystem they are created for: Windows, Apple, or various forms of Linux.

Besides Microsoft’s traditional partners, Intel and AMD, Windows 8 will also be available on devices based on ARM architecture, dubbed Windows RT. Even though the x86 chipsets are more powerful than the ARM ones, the latter ones are known for their performance when it comes to battery consumption.

Despite Redmond-based company’s optimism, rumor has it that Microsoft will charge Windows RT OEMs around $10 per device to licence the operating system, thus the Windows 8 tablet manufacturers are concerned that they will not be able to develop tablets with prices capable of fighting on a market segment already full of more affordable solutions.

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