Samsung Galaxy S3 Already Available For Purchase In Dubai


Samsung Galaxy S3 Already Available For Purchase In Dubai

The gap between the release date rumors and the actual official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been very long and tiring. There were a lot of rumors which made the potential customers to wonder how the device would look like and what specs it would have. Finally, on May 3 Samsung presented its device at an event which took place in London. Everybody was relieved as the information about the smartphone was public, from design to pecs and accessory details.

Now, the rumors are all about shipping dates and hands-on videos. It’s clear and confirmed that the release date of the international version of the Galaxy S3 May 29 in Germany. Other markets will have to wait a little  bit longer. The US customers have to be tolerant because the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 needs a new CPU in order to be able to use the LTE service and the shipment will be delayed. There is also good news, Samsung’s smartphone will be sold by all 4 major carrier in the US meaning Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Samsung announced the release date for Europe and other regions, but it said nothing about the Middle East. However, it looks like the customers of the Middle East market have the possibility to buy the device before it will be officially released. A retail store in Dubai has already but the Samsung Galaxy S3 on sale and there is a photo that confirms it.

According to, an image that features a Samsung Galaxy S3 offer was uploaded to Reddit. The photo was taken in Dubai at a Fono store at the Mall of Emirates. At first glace, the news seems to be fake, but it was confirmed by several sources, the devices is already on sale. Samsung probably shipped the phones to numerous retails stores in order to be ready for the release next week. However, putting the device on sale several days earlier doesn’t comply with the terms set by the South Korean company. Further, the retail store may get sued by Samsung and it will probably happen.

However, this doesn’t matter if you have the opportunity to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 today. In case you live in Dubai all you have to is go to the Mall of Emirates and purchase it. Be ready to spend some money because it’s a little pricey and you’ll have to pay 2450AED (422GBP, 666USD, 680CAD).

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