Samsung Galaxy S3 Available For Pre-Order At Amazon


Samsung Galaxy S3 Available For Pre-Order At Amazon

The official release date of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is May 29, everybody knows it. The smartphone will be firstly launched in Germany, but even if you don’t live there, you can pre-order the device, if you want to.

The people living in the United States can already pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3 through Amazon, but it’s pretty expensive. If you are a US citizen you will have to pay $800 for Samsung’s new flagship phone, but you will have the benefit of being one of the first user of the device in your neighborhood.

The smartphone will come in two colors to choose from, blue and white. Surprisingly, there is no black edition, but there is a first for everything, and the blue version is quite sexy. The blue edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will begin shipping a day earlier, on May 29 and the white one will probably be sent to the customers starting June 1. In case you choose to order the phone from one of Amazon’s non-featured merchants, you can save a few dollars, but the discount is not so substantial.

Which carrier to choose, it’s up to you, but there are both benefits and drawbacks. For instance, if you have an agreement with AT&T, you have many reasons so be happy because the carrier is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone doesn’t have support for LTE connectivity, so don’t expect to get it, but you can use the 4G HSPA+ service in all the places covered by the network.

On the other hand, if you are on T-Mobile even the HSPA service won’t be reachable. That’s because the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not have support for the 1700 band. Sprint and Verizon are out of the question from the start because the device is not a CDMA phone.

Anyway, in case you don’t really care the lack for LTE connectivity support and you are one of the guys that wants to be among the first who get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S3, you definitely should consider ordering it right away. Otherwise, if you are a more patient kind of guy, you can wait until all the fuss is over.

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