Samsung And HTC Working On Tizen OS-Powered Smarphones, Acer And ASUS Netbooks Will Follow


Samsung And HTC Working On Tizen OS-Powered Smarphones, Acer And ASUS Netbooks Will Follow

After we have seen Tizen OS in action on a Samsung slate a few days ago, today we are bringing fresh news about this fresh platform. As probably know, Intel, Linux Foundation, Samsung, Sprint and many other big names of the telecom industry are involved in the Tizen Project.

Well, it seems that HTC are interested, too, and rumor has it that the Taiwan-based company will launch a Tizen-powered smartphone in the second half of the year, while Samsung will also unveil some smartphones running on the open source operating system over the same time frame.

Tizen OS is backed-up by Samsung and Intel, after the two telecom giants have united their Meego and LiMo divisions to give birth to this project. Panasonic and NEC are other two names that promised to get involved in the development of the new mobile platform. Both Panasonic and NEC are searching for a way to penetrate the European smartphone market and Tizen OS seemed to be the most viable solution for them.

Sources close to the matter have said that Acer and ASUS have Tizen OS notebooks on their work tables, created for the emergent markets. If this project that involved many of the big names of the telecom industry materializes into a high-quality product, then the third big player of the smartphone market, after Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, would be Tiezen OS, not Microsoft’s mobile platform, Windows Phone/

Samsung already has some experience with the in-house platforms, namely Bada OS, an operating system that currently underpins millions of smartphones that ended up in the hands of the customers. A┬áremarkable┬áthing is that Tizen comes with support for Android apps, just like QNX OS and probably BlackBerry 10 OS, thus Google’s popular operating system will be helped by Tizen become even more popular.

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