Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer, Becomes World’s Most Popular Web Browser


Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer, Becomes World’s Most Popular Web Browser

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, was most popular web browser for many years in a row, dominating the market. Well, it looks like Internet Explorer’s best years have passed and now it’s crown is taken by another browser, Google’s Chrome, shows Statcounter’s¬†graph.

Internet Explorer is represented by the blue line in the graph above, showing that Microsoft’s web browser is in freefall since 2011. Firefox’s market share (the orange line) also dropped over the last year, but now it is stable, while Google’s web browsing solution, Chrome (the green line) has a significant growth, overtaking Internet Explorer in the last time frame.

Apple’s Safari and Opera complete the top 5 most popular web browser, both with a constant performance, without¬†spontaneous grows. The chart also covers the month of May, which started with IE and Chrome fighting shoulder to shoulder, but starting last week Google’s web browser have climbed on the first place.

Chrome have managed to move ahead of Internet Explorer a while ago, but only stayed up top for one day. At things stand, both browsers have a market share of around 33% and considering Chromes recent grow and the recently launched application for the devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, I can see Google’s web browser to grow even further. It seems that Google Chrome will soon arrive in iTunes, helping the browser’s market share increase even further.

Moreover, rumor has it that beginning with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, Chrome will become the default browser, thus we might see its market share increase once the Jelly Bean terminals hit the market.

The popularity of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, helped Internet Explorer stay the most popular web browser for so many years, but it looks like the users are starting to turn their attention to Google’s solution, especially after the European Union’s regulations that enforced Microsoft to notify its users that they can download several other browsers, as well.

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