Windows Phone Overtakes Apple’s iOS On The Chinese Market


Windows Phone Overtakes Apple’s iOS On The Chinese Market

Even though Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone, doesn’t seem to be good enough to compete against Android and iOS, it looks like things are going Microsoft’s way on world’s largest market, China. Thus the mobile platform developed by Bill Gates’ guys has now a market share of 7% in the Asian country.

Even though 7% it’s not too much, they were enough to overtake Apple’s iOS which controls only 6% of the Chinese smartphone market. Undoubtedly, Google’s Android is the king of the Chinese smartphone market, as it controls 68% of the market share pie. Still, we have to mention that, according GSMArena, the first Windows Phone smartphones have hit China two months ago. This rapid growth is owned to the Nokia Lumia 800 launch, which generated huge lines in front of the stores, reminding of the Lumia 900 debut at AT&T. Windows Phone also registered accelerated grows on Nokia’s home land, Finland, and Microsoft’s mobile operating system had a significant market share increase in Russia, too.

Moreover, Michel van der Bel, Microsoft COO in the Asian country, says that the Windows Phone advertising program have only just begun, with a team of 2,500 persons that will focus their actions exclusively on the Asian segment.

As happened before with other statistics that generated controversies, some of the figures of the aforementioned study might be altered by some biased statisticians. Anyway, one thing is certain: China loves Windows Phone, and the queues for Lumia 800 were real.

The Finland-based company have teamed-up with Microsoft to launch a line-up of Windows Phone-powered devices, in an attempt to refresh their sales on the smartphone segment. It looks like the Finns have made a great deal as both Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia Lumia 800 attracted a lot of customers in US and China, respectively.

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