Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Order Numbers Far From Being Accurate


Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Order Numbers Far From Being Accurate

The latest news about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that 9 million units have already been pre-ordered from over 100 carriers all over the world. At least this is what Korea Economic Daily reported. The news strengthens the idea that Samsung is selling more smartphones than Apple. It’s true, in the first quarter of 2012 Apple’s first place in the top of mobile phones sales was lost in favor of the South Korean company, but the news about the 9 million pre-orders seems a lot more like propaganda to me.

Everybody talks about the extremely high number of Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders, but many people don’t realize that things are not as real as they seem as first glance. The 9 million Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders are not from actual customers, but from carriers all over the world. I can’t believe that people really bought this lie.

When a new iPhone is released and Apple reports the pre-orders for the device it notes how many phones were ordered by end users, not carriers. If Apple would do the same thing as Samsung, the company could count the numbers if orders from Verizon, AT&T and all other global carriers. In case that would happen, Apple would certainly have a bigger number of pre-orders than Samsung.

I know that Samsung lovers think that the Galaxy S3 is the best smartphone “in the whole wide world” and there is no doubt that the device will be sold in much greater numbers (than 9 million). The latter will probably be true, but if you think facts like a normal person, there is no guarantee that the 9 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units will be actually sold. So, saying that Samsung received a certain number of pre-orders (which came from carriers, not actual customers) is an absolute lie. But, people are stupid and believe whatever they are told.

One more thing, in case the carriers don’t sell the entire inventory, the remaining smartphones go automatically back to the manufacturer. Still, all the devices count as pre-orders. “Nice” one, Samsung!

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