Steve Jobs Worked On The iPhone 5


Steve Jobs Worked On The iPhone 5

A new online report indicates that former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, had a big role in the design of the next-generation iPhone that will be launched in the following months of 2012.

A Bloomberg report says that, according to anonymous sources, the successor of iPhone 4S will have a screen considerably bigger than Apple’s current flagship smartphone and that Steve Jobs “worked closely” ¬†on the look and feel of the next iPhone before he passed away.

Bloomberg reports that Apple started to work on the next-generation iPhone which is possible to be made iPhone 5 before October 2011, when the company launched the iPhone 4S. According to a source quoted by the publication, Steve Jobs played a key part when the device was in course of developing in spite of the fact the CEO was on medical leave.

The latest rumors are confirmed by Boomberg’s report, rumors which suggest that the next Apple smartphone will come with a bigger display, although the exact size is not specified. Some rumors say that the iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch screen, which means that it will be larger than all the iPhones ever built. The previous iPhone models feature a 3.5-inch display.

If the new iPhone will indeed have a larger screen, it would be the first design modification made by Apple since it released the iPhone 4 in 2010. Nowadays, people use their smartphones for a wider range of tasks such as video playback, browsing the internet, playing all sorts of games etc. Most, handset manufactured understand that, hence the larger displays movement. It would be about time for Apple to adopt the larger screen approach. Google’s Android operating system has become the most widely used software. Plus, not only Apple’s iOS has lost first place, but Apple has also lost the battle with Samsung which sold more smartphones in the first quarter of 2012 using screen of various sizes.

How the next iPhone will be named still remains unclear. Many say that it will be iPhone 5 bearing in mind that Apple recently won the dispute for the domain, but this will probably remain mystery until the company officially announces the smartphone.

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