Samsung Galaxy S3 Available For Pre-Order At T-Mobile


Samsung Galaxy S3 Available For Pre-Order At T-Mobile

It’s not the first time when T-Mobile UK is announcing the prices for the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it’s the first time when the carrier unveils its full line-up of the device’s price plans. Plus, people will be happy to hear that they can already pre-order Samsung’s new flagship smartphone. The offer is meant to meet the needs of everyone whether you prefer a more expensive or a cheaper plan.

First off all, if you are a person that uses the phone in a very heavy way, you might want to check out T-Mobile’s 24-month “Full Monty” contract. It includes unlimited T-Mobile calls, unlimited texts and data and 2000 minutes of other network calls. For this plan you’ll have to pay £49.99 up-front and then £36 every month afterwards (for two years).

In case you want to get your Galaxy S3 for free, the carrier has a plan which doesn’t require you any up-front money, but the monthly fee is a little higher of £41. However, with this plan you’ll have unlimited everything meaning texts, calls and data. In case you want to pay a smaller monthly bill, you can choose the plan that starts from £10.50 per month. However, you will have to pay a more substantial up-front fee of £300.

If you want a more detailed presentation visit the official T-Mobile UK website. The carrier specifies that today’s placed orders will arrive after May 30. This means that people who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3 now, will have to stand by until the carrier launches the phone to get their hands on it. All the major carriers in the UK will launch the Samsung Galaxy S3, hence there are there options for you in case you don’t like the price plans of T-Mobile.

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