First Nokia Windows Phone 8 Apollo Smartphones To Be Released By The End Of 2012


First Nokia Windows Phone 8 Apollo Smartphones To Be Released By The End Of 2012

Nokia have teamed-up with Microsoft in their attempt to make the Finnish company profitable again. As expected, Nokia will continue to manufacture smartphones based on the Microsoft’s mobile platforms and the latest rumors say that the Windows Phone 8 Apollo devices are on their way.

A source of Techit, an Israeli tech blog, said that Nokia will release the first Windows Phone 8 smartphones by the end of 2012. The Israeli website claims that the information saying that the Windows Phone 8 Nokia smartphones will hit the market until 2012 is up comes straight from an official of the Finland-based company.

June will be a busy month for the world of mobile operating systems, as three of the most important companies involved on this segment will be presenting the new versions of their mobile platforms. Apple will showcase the new iOS 6 at WWDC 2012, Google is reportedly planning the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean launch at Google I/O event, while Bill Gates’ Microsoft have been linked with the demo of Windows Phone 8 Apollo at Windows Phone Developer Summit, scheduled for the same month.

The first two Nokia smartphones underpinned by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 were unveiled at Nokia World 2011 event in October and after seeing them everyone wondered where the flagship of Nokia’s WP line-up is.

The Finns haven’t kept us waiting for too long and in January 2012, at CES, they presented the amazing Nokia Lumia 900 with LTE support, as smartphone that made the Windows Phone enthusiasts form huge lines in front of AT&T stores in their attempt to get their hands on the $100 device.

The global variant of Nokia Lumia 900 was presented at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona and it has the same technical specifications as the US version of the handset, except for the 4G networks support.

The smallest and the cheapest Windows Phone Finnish smartphone is Lumia 610, a phone that Nokia hopes to become popular on the emergent markets.

But Nokia is the only OEM that will develop Windows Phone 8 Apollo devices. After LG announced they will no longer concentrate on Microsoft’s platform, Samsung have been linked with the mobile operating system of the Redmond-based giant. The rumor mill says that Acer will soon join the list of companies that build WP devices, as they will produce a full QWERTY smartphone underpinned by “Apollo.”

Returning to the Finland-based company, they initially announced that the current line-up of WP-powered smartphones will not be upgraded to Apollo, but a couple of weeks later they issued an official statement claiming that the Lumia smartphones will receive Windows Phone 8 upgrades.

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