MacBook Pro Will Have Retina Display, But Will Be More Expensive


MacBook Pro Will Have Retina Display, But Will Be More Expensive

A lot of online rumors said that Apple’s new MacBook Pro will feature Retina or HiDPI displays which obviously will boost the resolution. This will probably be launched at the WWDC in June. The good news is that the devices are already available in the supply chain according to CNET, but there is some not so good news as well. The catch is that the ultra high-resolution MacBook Pros come at a higher price meaning that the Retina devices will be up to $100 more expensive.

The real question is if the higher prices will be felt by the customers. There are two possibilities: the optimistic situation is that Apple will manage to find a method to cut costs in other areas so that the price points would remain the same. On the other hand, if Apple does’t find a way to cut costs, the price difference will be passed along to consumers.

DisplaySearch Senior Analyst Richard Shim says that the cost of a Retina 15.4-inch display with a resolution if 2880 x 1800 and a 220 ppi pixel density will be approximately $160 which is very high considering that the price of the current MacBook Pro with a standard 15-inch display is $68 (there is a $92 price increase). As for the 13-incher model of MacBook Pro, the price of the Retina Display with a 2560 x 1600 resolution is $134, a $65 adding over the screen used in the current model.

The MacBook Pro with the 17-inch screen is not mentioned, but it will probably have a 3840 x 2400 resolution and the price premium will definitely be higher over the current display. However, it’s not clear yet whether the 17-inch MacBook Pro will be upgraded like the rest of the models at the Worldwide Developers Conference, because many rumors claim that only the MacBook Pros with the 13-inch and 15-inch screens will be receiving these upgrades. Plus, it is rumored that Apple will follow its pattern to the MacBook Pro design. The company is usually upgrading the 17-inch model a few months after the other smaller models.

Richard Shim also specifies that Apple is the most probable client for the Retina resolution screens that are available in the supply chain. However, Shim is not absolutely sure if Apple is the company that is going to buy the screens to use them in its machines.

Also, it’s not clear how Apple will manage the costs which will certainly increase with upgrading to Retina screens. The optical drive will be removed, thus some of the cost savings could be achieved, but the move from traditional drives to solid-state drives will increase the costs for storage. These drives are included in the MacBook Air models which are cheaper, but the potential customers of the MacBook Pro have great expectations and a higher-capacity drive is almost mandatory, thus higher costs for the device. Therefore, with all the involved changes it will be really interesting to watch how things will evolve and what prices will Apple’s computers have.

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