Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Beta Update Now Available For Download In Mac App Store


Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Beta Update Now Available For Download In Mac App Store

Interesting news for Mac users as Apple just released a new developer preview for its newest operating system update, the Mac OS X Mountain Lion beta. The release is called 12A206J build and its meant for developers. It’s not really clear what fixes this update brings, but a sure thing is that there are a few flaws with the Java applets, Fast User Switching (it’s possible that the desktop might be white for a few moments), sharing menus (the problems are related with Twitter and Mail) and Notes is not syncing properly with iTunes, and other various drawbacks.

Another issue is that the owners of any MacBook Pro released in mid-2007 won’t be able to use the new build because it’s not compatible with the device. All the owners will have to wait until another update is released. It’s possible that Apple will release another fix in a few week, ahead of WWDC. Plus, the company has plenty of time until it release the final version of the update. Apple has the entire summer to do a great job with its operating system.

Some issues in the previous build have not been fixed like the fact that Java applets might not function in Safari and the syncing between Notes and iTunes is almost impossible. The developers have been also notified that whey will probably have problems with QuickTime screen recording which may be corrupted. This happens in case the developers use machines that integrate Nvidia graphics processors.

The first Mountain Lion update was issued to developers on May 1, and the current update is the second one for the third developer preview.

The development community of Apple received the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 for the first time last month while in mid-March Apple released the second Mountain Lion Preview. Apple will put the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on sale during this coming summer and it will be available on the Mac App Store. Anyway, will find out more about the new Mac OS X operating system at Apple’s WWSC which will take place in San Francisco on June 11.

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