LG Optimus Elite reached Virgin Mobile, priced at $150


LG Optimus Elite reached Virgin Mobile, priced at $150

Optimus Elite is finally here and available in the shops after the official launch. If you do not know, last week you could pre-order the new LG Electronics product for only $149.99 via Virgin Mobile. All of this started one month ago, when the launching was announced with Spring, but we did not gain to many information about an exactly price or date.

After the previous Optimus S smartphone, the new generation comes with LG Optimus Elite with much improved specifications, but do not expect that this will be the greatest smartphone you can find specially for this price in United States.

To convince ourselves, let’s find out some details. LG Optimus Elite runs with 800 Mhz processor, single core which can manage in normal parameters the multi operations. Attached we can see the 3.5 inches HVGA display screen touchscreen, which gives a reliable quality also for the pictures or videos which 5 mega pixel camera makes, and also the camera allows you take picture and videos at 720p HD video recording. We can add that the LG comes with 4 GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM, which we consider that they are enough to handle the data processing.

The smartphone includes features like Near Field Communication, and can work along the Google Wallet which can help you make payments, or share files or documents easily. Along this, the operating system of LG Optimus Elite is Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread which comes pre-installed, and the Google Play Store access, so you can find more than 5 millions of apps. Do not be disappointed about the operating system because we are sure that soon will be available upgrade to Optimus Elite with Android 4.0 ICS pack.

Micro SD card slot, Wi Fi internet access, Bluetooth and various other basic smartphone functions are available.

We can appreciate LG for the best part of this phone, we can say that is quite eco friendly, because the phone is made with more than 50% recycle plastic, and as well we like that for the quality of the smartphone the battery life goes up to 7.2 hours, and in stand-by mode until 10.5 hours.

For your information we can tell you that the price without contract is at $149.99, provided by Virgin Mobiles and as an extra you have $35 talk bonus. And with contract, Sprint will provide you the LG Optimus Elite for only $29.99, for a two years contract period.

We will see how the smartphone will impress the public, after it will start to be used in real situations.

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