Samsung Galaxy S3 available a day earlier for first pre-orders


Samsung Galaxy S3 available a day earlier for first pre-orders

As we wait for the end of May for the official launch of the Galaxy S3 in Europe, and because of the misunderstandings of the date if is 29 or 30 between the retailers and Samsung, we finally got the final answer from Samsung, and that is 29 of May release but only available for pre-order for customers in stores across the UK country.

Also this morning we received news from Samsung UK, which informed us that the customers of Galaxy S3, which pre-order at the Samsung store at London’s Westfield Stratford City, can go to pick up the phones starting from 6pm local time on Tuesday, May 29. London will not be the only place where you can find the Samsung Galaxy S3, because Samsung prepared another few stores across UK, and the hour will be with one hour later, that means 7pm in the same evening, and to add another fact, the smartphone will be available on all five big UK networks.

The idea is that if you want to have in your hands the new smartphone sooner than others, just try to check the stores in your area, and maybe you are lucky. We remind you that this is available only in UK. For the rest of the world, we can wait a few more hours and on May 30 we can check live the new product which is provided by Samsung.

“We believe we have created our best smartphone yet, designed specifically with daily human needs in mind, and we are proud to provide our customers with a truly unique mobile user experience.” Samsung official statement, make us understand why Samsung Galaxy S3 is such a waited product, and desirable to be in our hands. We appreciate as well that Samsung repaid the customers which pre-orderd, by making them proud having before anyone else the new smartphone.

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