Google Chrome 19 Now Available For Download


Google Chrome 19 Now Available For Download

Chrome 19 have officially left bet and now is available for download, bringing some new features, meant to make web browsing easier to those who use their PCs and mobile devices with the Google browser installed.

The web browser developed by Google, Chrome, now reached version 19. Google Chrome 19 brings a new feature that allows the user to synchronize the tabs or settings with his smartphone or tablet.

With the new Google Chrome 19, the uses that activated the sync function will see that the tabs that are opened in the desktop version of the browser can be accessed from the smartphone or tablet running on Android OS.

The same will happen when you leave tabs opened on your smartphone and open Chrome on your PC/laptop. You will be able to find the synchronized tab list in the Other devices menu from the New Tab page.

Along with the list of opened web pages, Chrome 19 also syncs the navigation history, thus the Back and Forward buttons can be used to scroll through the pages you already accessed.

As before, Google Chrome is also syncing the bookmark collection between devices, personalized settings, UI themes, extensions collections and in-browser installed apps. All these features come in handy especially when you install Google Chrome on another PC, as all you will have to do is sing in to your Chrome account used on your old PC, then all the customization settings will be automatically applied on the newly installed Google Chrome.

The tab syncronization function in Chrome 19 can be activated using the “Wrench” icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

The new Google Chrome 19 sync function will be available for all users over the next few weeks. As usual, the newest version of Google’s web browser comes with improved security.

You should also know that if you want to benefit from the tab syncing support on your Android-powered gadget, you will have to install Google Chrome for Android Beta. You can download Google Chrome 19 for PC here.

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