Windows 8 To Feature Advanced Parental Controls Functions


Windows 8 To Feature Advanced Parental Controls Functions

As probably know, Windows 8 Release Preview will arrive next month, but until then we found out about a new feature of this new platform, which will be hated by many of the kids using Microsoft’s OS. We are talking about a parental control system that is more advanced than any other so far.

Among the numerous improvements Microsoft implemented in the new Windows 8, there is an advanced parental control option, which truly delivers all the tools you’d need to supervise the activity of the children using a computer.

Named Family Safety, this Windows 8 feature would allow the parents to supervise their kid’s activity on the internet. Setting up the Family Safety parental controls is very easy to do: all you have to do is tick an option when you create your little guy’s Windows 8 user. Reports regarding the time spend on the internet, plus details about web searches, most visited websites and most played games will be mailed to the parents weekly. This report will also include links to certain restrictive settings.

The restrictions the administrator can enforce in Windows 8 are more numerous now and include options for choosing which websites the users can visit, applications that can be opened and even time limits for using the PC, says BuildingWindows.

Besides the mails that will be sent to the supervisor regrading the user activity on the PC, the restrictions that apply for a user account can be extended to the whole LAN network.

We should also mention that Windows 7 also comes with parental controls, but the next version of Microsoft’s popular operating system promises to further optimize these parental control functions.

Thus, if the parent finds out that his/her son/daughter is spending too much time in front of the computer, it can set a time limit applied by Windows parental controls.

In the first week of June, when Windows 8 Release Preview edition will be officially unveiled, Microsoft will certainly deliver more details about their new parental controls system.

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