Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual shows up, rumors ditched and the truth revealed


Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual shows up, rumors ditched and the truth revealed

Exactly when we thought nothing official and only rumors will fill our information field, official service manual for the Samsung GT-I9300 (also known as Galaxy S3), which contains the phone’s specs sheet and a render, appeared after the weekend, earlier that we expected. And by this, we can get the idea that not actually all the rumors were true of what we thought Samsung Galaxy S III will be.

To get to the point, we will use as example the camera details, and as far as we know the rumors were that rear camera is 12 megapixel, so it was a very nice aspect of the smartphone, but the truth is that in the manual, Samsung Galaxy S III will be provided with an 8-megapixel Camera with LED Flash. Or we can use another example of the processor, the rumored 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU of the smartphone, that we understand now from the manual that in the Samsung new product will be embedded the Exynos 4412 processor. We can expect multi-tasking of the device will to be even more easier to perform  many tasks at a time such as searching the web, texting and listening to music, without creating any troubles for you.

Along all this, another important aspect in the manual talks about the display,  the previously rumored HD RGB Super AMOLED type of screen, is actually the brilliant 4.8-inch Super AMOLED MIPI (C-Type) capacitive touchscreen display, which we find it very attractive, and useful.

If we consider, that was not mentioned in the manual something about what operating system will run with Samsung Galaxy S III, we can not know until we will have in our hands the smartphone, if he will e powered by the well known Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. What we know for sure, is that some sure apps and services will be available like Simplanner, Video Hub and ChatON.

A small thing to add, Samsung Galaxy S III will come with a physical Home button, or will be a multitask key.

Because this is an early official manual, Samsung might change some of this specs in the mid-time.

For the visual part, we can say that the final result of the Samsung’s Galaxy S III is made from a mix between Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II skyrocket, with the difference made by the nicest display that Samsung provided until now.

In the end, if we made a good speculation of the Samsung plans until now, we can actually expect that later next month we can grab our Samsung Galaxy S III judging Samsung statements that “Galaxy S III launch and unveiling will take place close together”.

And with all this we can imagine a lot of features, a lot of extras, any thing that we want. But one thing is sure, until we have the phone in our hands, we will not be sure of anything. We all wait to see the battles between Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple’s iPhone 5,HTC One X, after all we have the money, we want to know who’s the best!

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