4-inch iPhone 5 Mockup Reveals How 5-Row Icons Layout Looks Like


4-inch iPhone 5 Mockup Reveals How 5-Row Icons Layout Looks Like

It’s been already reported that the next-generation iPhone will have a 4-inch display. It’s about time if you ask me, but there is a catch. The rumors say that Apple will only modify the device’s height which will be increased and the width will remain the same. It’s not hard to realize how the new iPhone will look like if you let your imagination work.

First of all, the new iPhone 5 will be obviously taller than the previous versions of Apple’s smartphone. With that in mind, the phone will probably feature an additional row of icons on the home screen of the device, thus the new display will have five icon rows per each of the pages adding the row of fixed icons on the screen’s bottom.

So, lets do some simple calculations. The diagonal measurement of the iPhone 5 will be 4 inches instead of 3.5. If we take in consideration that Apple will increase only the height of the phone, it’s easy to realize that the display of the iPhone 5 will be 11 mm taller than the older versions. And if we compare the numbers with iLounge’s earlier report which indicates that the entire body of the iPhone 5 will have approximately 125 mm, taller than the iPhone 4S having 10 extra mm, we can guess that Apple will not make any changes on the components situated above and below the screen.

Several sources mentioned that the iPhone 5 will feature a smaller dock connector, so it’s possible that the new iPhone to feature this aspect. Also, iLounge claims that the device’s central section of its rear shell will feature a flat metal panel.

You should bare in mind that the information given by iLounge has not been confirmed. Furthermore, the given specs are challenged by another report, this time released by iMore, which claims that Apple has not decided yet if the iPhone 5 should have a different aspect ratio on the display. Also, the metal panel on the back of the device will not be present . iMore has proven to be quite accurate with the reports it released, but so did iLounge. We will have to wait which one of them is wright and, more important, how the iPhone 5 will actually look like.

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