New Google – Samsung Nexus Device Specs Leaked


New Google – Samsung Nexus Device Specs Leaked

Google’s next developer phone that will join the current Nexus line-up will be the first smartphone to come pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, the new mobile platform that will be unveiled in June at Google I/O event. That’s what we know so far about the next generation Nexus smartphone.

The rest, are just some rumors, like that it will be manufactured by Samsung. The Nexus range is very important to the Android ecosystem, as they are created for developers and for the users who want to be the first to receive the Android firmware updates.

Maybe you’ve heard of Oxygen custom ROMs or even used them on your Android smartphone. The developer of the Oxygen ROMs is Adam Green and, by mistake, while he was taking a look at the code unveiled by Google for AOSP (Android Open Source Project), he found out the full technical specifications of a device manufactured by Samsung.

It seems that the alleged Galaxy Nexus will be the first to pack the new generation of processors developed by ARM – Cortex A15, in a dual core configuration. The Cortex A15 is up to five times faster than the current generation based on Cortex A9. The SoC is created by Samsung – Exynos 5250 with an improved Mali 400 GPU – four times faster than the one hid under Samsung Galaxy S2′s case.

The 5 megapixel camera is helped by the new BSI (Backside Illumination) image sensor developed by Samsung and sported by Galaxy S3.

The multimedia audio experience is managed by the WM8994 chip manufactured by Wolfson and present on Nexus S. The technology used for the display was not specified in the AOSP code, but it will have a 1280×800 resolution, the same as Galaxy Note.

The display resolution is the only aspect that made me think that we are talking about a tablet, maybe the highly anticipated affordable Nexus Tablet. On the other hand, I was expecting the next Nexus phone to be underpinned by Cortex A15, and even though it’s a dual-core device, it will overscore many of the new quad-core smartphones currently available on the market.

Now all we can do is wait until new details about this mysterious device surface, maybe at Google I/O event in June. My guess is that the specs belong to the next-gen Nexus smartphone, not to the $150 Google tablet.

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