Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE gets official Ice Cream Sandwich


Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE gets official Ice Cream Sandwich

So after waiting Samsung Galaxy S II LTE update, it’s finally here, so we can start telling you that it comes with major improvements, and everything began with the platform upgrade, from Android 2.3 Gingerbread, to Androind 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. You should know that, in order to make this update, the system requires at least 60 MB of free memory, and if you want to check it follow the next steps: Main Menu > Settings > System > SD card and phone memory, available memory space check.

From now on, there are available features like Face Recognition, Mobile Data Management Fuctionality, Multitasking and applications are made in order to make it more enjoyable and easier to be used.

As well user data initialization upgrade is available, so when you perform it, the phone book, messages, photos and other major user data is maintained, also in case of unexpected loss of data, performed before the upgrade data via Kies. Galaxy S2 LTE as the installation files to the Android 4.0 applications built Ice Cream Sandwich will might not work properly, so you should re install the previews version in case if Samsung will not guarantee this to work properly.

Thanks to LTE, this high speed connectivity, the video streaming will become a very interesting experience, along activities like surfing the web and play the latest games with no slowdown and crystal-clear picture thanks to a blazing fast 1.5GHz dual core processor and 4.5” Super AMOLED Plus display.

We suggest you to back up before you install the new upgrade, even the it’s trusted, try to reduce the possibility of failure of the system like in the case of HTC Vivid’s ICS update, when in a few days alot of problems were reported all over, and we all know that this is not good for anyone.

Enjoy the new features, along the improved experiences!

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