LG Optimus 4X HD Release Date Set For June In Europe


LG Optimus 4X HD Release Date Set For June In Europe

LG is finally making its incursion into the quad-core phone area thanks to the release of the Android 4.0 Optimus 4X HD. The device was firstly announced in February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), LG’s milestone features the latest NVIDIA processor meaning the Tegra 3 Quad-Core which is clocked at 1.5GHZ and having the 4-PLUS-1 design (which offers great performance as it uses a fifth core).

Besides the processor, the Android 4.0 Optimus 4X HD sports 4.7 (720p) True HD IPS display and 1GB of RAM. The users will be able to take incredible photos with the 8MP rear camera. Also, the devices comes with a 1.3MP front shooter for video conferences. The smartphone includes 16GB of internal storage, so you have plenty of space to store your photos, videos and other various files. The Android 4.0 Optimus 4X HD has a very slick design and having a thickness of only 8.9mm. In terms of connectivity, the devices packs SHSPA+ 21 Mbps.

As for the battery, the LG Android 4.0 Optimus 4X HD features a 2150 mAh one which is actually the biggest battery amongst the smartphones with quad-core processors, at least this is what LG claims. Actually, this may be true because the Droid sports a bigger battery of 3,300 mAh, but it features only two cores. The battery of the LG Android 4.0 Optimus 4X HD, which is removable by the way, also uses the brand’s SiO technology that provides more power and longer run times.

But enough with the hardware. The new LG Android 4.0 Optimus 4X HD uses the company’s latest “User Experience” along with a few a “pack” of applications meaning Media Plex and Quick Memo. Quick Memo is a note taking application that is displayed as a cover on the program you are currently running. On the other hand, Media Plex is simply an application that allows image and video playback with a set of handy functions, of course. Among these features we can name: Fingertip Seek (that allows you to preview video frames), Video Speed Control (offers you the possibility to control the speed of the playback), Live Zooming (which, of course, lets you zoom any video that you are currently playing) and Thumbnail List Play (this feature displays thumbnails of your other videos at the same time you playback one of them).

The release date is set sometime in June and the LG Android 4.0 Optimus 4X HD will be launched firstly in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Poland. The rest of potential customers will have to wait a few more months.

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