Windows 8 Pro upgrade to cost only $15


Windows 8 Pro upgrade to cost only $15

Good news for Windows-based computer customers. It looks like Microsoft wants to keep its tradition of providing a promotion to their clients in the months before the company is about to launch a new version of its operating system. You all will enjoy a brand new promotion meaning that if you buy a PC with a Windows 7 licence you will be able to upgrade it to Windows 8 with only $14.99. June 2 is the exact date when the promotion will begin and will be available for all Windows 7 versions.

As I said before, Microsoft has always provided this kind of promotions and the reason is not hard to guess. Normally, when Microsoft is preparing to release o new version of Windows the customers wait until it is launched and then they buy a PC. Providing this promotions, Microsoft makes sure that the sales won’t decrease very much in the months before the release.

Anyway, this promotion is somehow distinct from the previous ones because the company is giving just two versions its operating system meaning Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. But, Microsoft will not offer a free upgrade to the Windows 8 version that corresponds with the Windows 7 version that comes with the new computer or laptop that which the customer buys. Instead, the company is offering only the Windows 8 Pro version.

In the photo attached to the article (provided by Cnet) the upgrade price is not specified, but according to some sources, it will be $14.99. Coincidence or not, the date when the promotion will start and kind of the same as the date when Microsoft will release the final Windows 8 pre-release which is called Release Preview. The company specified that the pre-release will date in the first week of June. It’s not clear yet when Microsoft will release Windows 8, but it is know that is sometime in October 2012.

Besides this computer upgrade promotion, Microsoft is planning to offer in-the-box upgrades to Windows 8 customers that will arrive as upgrade “packs”. These packs will provide Windows 8 Pro and Windows Media Center abilities. The upgrade packs will come as a replacement for the old Windows Anywhere Upgrade system. Also, they will arrive to Add Features to Windows 8, a brand new interface. Until now there is no information about the price of the upgrade packs.

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