First Windows 8 Tablets To Hit The Market In November With Intel Chipset On-board


First Windows 8 Tablets To Hit The Market In November With Intel Chipset On-board

The launch of Windows 8 is Microsoft’s ticket to the tablet market. After some shy attempts with Windows 7 tablets powered by Intel chipsets and manufactured by companies like Samsung, Acer, ASUS or HP, the aforementioned slates weren’t too popular.

Now Microsoft has some new partners and after the Windows 8 is officially launched, the first tablet PCs running on Redmond-based company’s platform will hit the market in November 2012. According to sources quoted by CNET, the first wave of Windows 8 tablets that will hit the stores this fall will be powered by Intel’s processors.

Besides the Intel, ARM and AMD tablets, Windows 8 is also expected to power a large number of tablet/notebook hybrids. The aforementioned tablet/notebook hybrids running on Windows 8 are rumored to be powered by Intel Ivy Bridge chipsets, but majority of Windows 8 tablets will use Intel’s Atom “Clover Trail.” Based on 32nm architecture, Intel “Clover Tail” is the first dual-core Intel Atom chipset to use this type of semniconductors.

Besides the Windows 8 version developed for Intel-powered tablets, Microsoft is also working on Windows 8 RT, which will underpin the tablets based on ARM chipsets manufactured by Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.

Nokia, the Finnish company that signed a partnership deal with Microsoft over manufacturing Windows Phone devices, is reportedly working on a Windows 8 tablet, rumored to debut in Q4 2012.

Microsoft hopes that attracting a lot of famous gadget makers into developing Windows 8 slates will help make their operating system count on the tablet market. Well, there are a lot of factors that will influence customer’s decision when purchasing a tablet. The most important one is the price, as Amazon’s $200 Kindle Fire is a proof that the affordable tablets quickly become sale hits. The buzz created around the rumors saying that Google will launch a $150 Nexus Tablet also showed us that the public wants to keep their money in the pockets when it comes to buying a tablet.

I’m not saying that the technical specifications and the performance are not important, but the tablet market have proved that expensive tablets are not always customers’ first option (of course, except for when it comes to acquiring Apple’s iPad).

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